Introducing Vector: Peace of Mind for your venue

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Vector serves as a purpose-built communication tool exclusively designed for bars and clubs to securely exchange vital information. It handles lost and found items and cloakroom management, while also helps to combat antisocial behavior and improve loss prevention.

At Nekotachi, we remain dedicated to innovating tools that benefit our community and the hospitality industry alike. With groundbreaking solutions like Barkeeper and FairScore, we continue to lead the way in improving business management, engagement, and visibility.

Our newest creation, Vector, seamlessly aligns with our mission to enhance the nightlife experience for everyone, be it bar owners and staff or valued patrons.

Vector serves as a purpose-built communication tool exclusively designed for bars and clubs to securely exchange vital information. It adeptly addresses common challenges, such as handling lost and found items and cloakroom management, while also fostering collaboration among venues to combat antisocial behavior and loss prevention.

Vector effortlessly integrates with Barkeeper and remains readily accessible for our existing customers.

Let's explore its key features:

Lost and Found

During bustling Saturday nights, patrons frequently leave behind belongings in bars and clubs worldwide, sometimes only realizing their loss after moving on to another venue. With Vector, venues can swiftly check if an item has been turned in and set alerts to notify customers of potential recoveries.

Customers receive a link via email or QR code, empowering them to check for themselves and notify the venue if their item has been found. This feature proves especially valuable for overseas visitors, simplifying the process of reporting missing property to local authorities.


Managing cloakroom tickets can often be a hassle. Vector streamlines this process by enabling venues to digitally track items. Customers need only their smartphone and a QR code emailed to them to reclaim their belongings at the event's conclusion. Optionally, customers can also share their contact information in case they forget their items, which are automatically added to the lost and found system.

Antisocial Behavior Events

While rare, disruptive incidents can occur in bars. When such events unfold, staff can record them using Vector. This information can then be shared with nearby venues also using Vector, enhancing collective awareness of potential issues.

We employ AI to filter out false reports and meticulously track login and location data associated with reports made through the system.

Loss Prevention

Regrettably, losses can occur due to theft and pickpocketing, even in the most well-managed venues. Vector offers a solution that not only automates the reporting of such incidents but also provides peace of mind to both your venue and customers, mirroring its approach to handling antisocial behavior.

When potential culprits are identifiable through photographs or descriptions, we capture and securely store this information. We prioritize sharing this data with nearby venues to heighten security awareness among their staff.

As with antisocial behavior reports, we employ stringent measures to minimize false or malicious reports, conducting periodic manual reviews to ensure the system's reliability and effectiveness. Your venue's protection and the safety of your patrons remain our top priorities.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement

Images submitted with reports are securely retained. We leverage AI to identify patterns of antisocial behavior through facial recognition technology. In cases where law enforcement requests information, we may provide valuable evidence of a specific person's pattern of misconduct.

Privacy Matters

We take the privacy and confidentiality of submitted information seriously, implementing robust security measures to safeguard all data entrusted to us.

Names, addresses, and other contact details provided are never shared with our users. We strictly adhere to a policy of only disclosing personal information when legally required by the appropriate authorities. Additionally, our system remains fully compliant with GDPR standards to ensure the highest levels of data protection and privacy for all users.

At Nekotachi, we remain committed to enhancing the nightlife experience, making it safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Vector represents our latest stride towards achieving this goal.

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