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With the full public launch of Barkeeper just around the corner, we thought we would answer some questions about the languages we will support out of the box when we launch, and when we plan to add additional languages.

The table below shows the languages and locales we will support at launch, and when we plan to add others.

At Launch Later in 2025 Later in 2026
English (US / UK) Chinese (Taiwan) Spanish (European)
Japanese Chinese (Hong Kong) French (European)
Korean Spanish (Latin America)
Thai Portuguese (Brazil)

What is supported?

The Barkeeper backend is fully localized in the languages mentioned, so you can comfortably manage your bar websites and social media accounts in the language you are most comfortable with.

Websites which are built with Barkeeper also support full localization in any language, even if the backend doesn't support that language yet.

Our demo websites contain examples of localized frontends, with content available in all of our launch languages, as well as French.

AI automatic translations

Our demo websites demonstrate some of our tight integration with trusted AI translation partners in order to automatically translate content into another language.

You can use the AI translations to provide a starting point for editing longer pages or blog posts, or to helpfully translate small terms and phrases to bring your multilingual site to life sooner.

We use multiple partners to provide these translations, based on the quality of translations they provide for both base and target languages. For officially supported languages, we also maintain dictionaries of common terms from our standard templates and offerings to further boost the accuracy of their results.

Please note that while AI translations are a helpful starting point, they may not always be perfect. We strongly recommend proofreading any translated content before publishing it to ensure accuracy and quality.

This feature is included in some of our paid subscriptions, and can be added as an optional extra to others.

Do you need another language supported sooner?

Please let us know, we can always move plans around to meet the needs of our customers. We will also be opening the localization of Barkeeper out to the public soon, so our users can add their own (unofficial) localizations.

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